Unholy Alliance: Batchack Man The Peacemakers Season 1 Finale

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

The first season of Trini supernatural superhero webseries Batchack Man The Peacemakers came to an end recently with its seventh episode. If you haven’t been following the series (which would be weird, since you’re reading a review of the finale, but you do you) the titular hero has been battling criminals, a super soldiers, and the folklore creatures called “the folklores” (not the most creative name, I know). With a supernatural SPOILER ALERT let’s unpack the finale episode called, well, “Finale” in three punches:

Punch #1 Ups

Who is the man with all the supernatural powers. PAPA BOIS! Can you dig it?

I have complained in the past that the Batchack Man storyline was becoming overloaded with subplots and was losing focus on its main hero. So the biggest positive about the finale is that the story is a straightforward one. We have the girlfriend of BM’s alter ego Michelle Hernandez (Angelia Bissoon) asking the hero him to unmask and then revealing that she knew his secret identity all the time. BM then fires back that he knew her late father was in the mafia. Kinda petty, dude. After these revelations the two make up, and it made for a decent romance story. BM also travels into the spirt realm of “Babylon” and gives Mama D’Leau a tongue lashing, which I liked. And he has a flashy new silver suit, which is definitely an upgrade from the previous black vest ensemble.

Later we have the twist of BM and Michelle offering a tenuous alliance to leader of the Peacemakers Dianna (Jillian Ferguson) to battle the incoming threat of Papa Bois and his folklore forces. Michelle even uses her telepathic powers to attack Dianna and emphasise the point that if she tries anything she will kill her. Oh yes, Michelle has telepathy now. We’ll get to that soon. The episode closes with glimpses of what should be the big threat for a potential Season 2, Papa Bois, and one of his sexy minions. My favourite aspect of this series has been the supernatural stuff so I liked this, though I thought they could have added some fur accoutrements to Papa Bois’ relatively simple outfit.

Punch #2 Downs

We’re gonna get some action any time now. Any time now

And now on to the negatives. Michelle’s telepathy came out of nowhere. Yes, we know she tested the serum on herself back in Episode 4 but since then we have heard nothing about it. Surely we could had hints of her new power or an exploration of it before dropping it in the finale. Maybe they could have taken the time to do this instead of spending almost all of last episode on her family background, which doesn’t impact the overall story that much. And speaking of Episode 6, why didn’t she use her powers on the assassin? That would have been a perfect time. And her new powers could have been the secret that BM threw back in her face. Instead the reveal felt like it came out of left field.

This episode also had some audio issues, and I had to strain at times to hear what the characters were saying over the music. And all the stock footage of the dinosaurs in “Babylon” just didn’t make a lick of sense. But my biggest issue with the finale is the complete lack of action. Come on. You could have given me just one little fight scene. Maybe new ally Amina West and BM teaming up to take on the first wave of folklores. Something. But no, nada. It’s the finale, people. You gotta go out with a bang.

Punch #3 The Future

Icy is giving them a cold reception. Get it? Cold? Icy? You get it

Despite these negatives I think the future looks bright for our insect-themed hero. We had the post-credits scene of Michelle introducing BM to new Ville Ventures Universe Icy, who is appearing in the new mini-series Superheroes. So we can look forward to him crossing over with more super powered folk, which would be pretty cool. I do love a connected universe. And the potential sophomore season should have more folklore characters and supernatural shenanigans, and I am down for that.

So while flawed, Finale delivers enough to close off the first season well and whet the appetite for more adventures.

Score: 6 out of 10

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