Spy x Family is a Hilarious Slice of Life Action Comedy

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: A spy on an undercover mission gets married and adopts a child as part of his cover. His wife and daughter have secrets of their own, and all three must strive to keep together.

Review: While I went into this expecting straight forward action packed anime, Spy X Family turned out to be so much more, especially when it came to the laughter.

Just an ordinary family. Nothing to see here. Nothing to see here

Twilight isn’t just another spy, he’s the type who goes to extreme lengths to get the job done, including some Mission Impossible level face swapping and a penchant for creating fake identities that include enlisting ordinary folks into his plans. People he coldly walks away from when it’s all done. His new mission requires him to get close to a man who is always surrounded by security except when he attends events at his son’s elite school, so Twilight (I know, ridiculous code name but in the world of anime, it works) decides to adopt a young girl named Anya to play his daughter and hatches a plan with a reclusive young woman named Yor to get married and pretend they were together for years instead of days.

But Twilight isn’t the only one with secrets here because Anya is a telepath and Yor is secretly an assassin. With such an intriguing mix of characters you wouldn’t be wrong to expect action heavy sequences but while there are moments of badassery, Spy x Family is more slice of life comedy than anything else. This might be disappointing for some viewers but I for one enjoyed every minute of it and found myself laughing out loud multiple times. Most of the comedy comes from Anya’s point of view as she can hear the thoughts of her Mom and Dad who she adores but is very aware of who they are, while Twilight (who goes by Loid Forger for this mission) and Yor have no idea of what she can do, or the fact their fake spouse is also a trained fighter. It’s a perfect recipe for chaos, especially when you add in the fact they’re all trying to make like they’re just an ordinary family.

ANYA: Papa is having naughty thoughts towards Mama LOID & YOR: *Shock*

While the animation itself isn’t anything ground breaking, it’s the well written characters and dramatic moments that will have you laughing one minute and choking back tears the next, that makes Spy x Family worth watching. By the end of the first season I found myself eager to know if these people will stick together when the truth is revealed or will the lies tear them apart. I know what I’m rooting for and I know I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next season.

Sommer’s Score: 8 out of 10


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