Eraser: Reborn is a Decent but Forgettable Action Reboot

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: The film centres on U.S. Marshal Mason Pollard who specialises in engineering the fake deaths of witnesses that leave no trace of their existence.

Review: There’s something to be said about having low expectations, or in the case of a reboot to 1996 action flick Eraser, ZERO expectations. It kept popping up in my feed so I decided to see if this follow-up to one of Arnold’s lesser known films (or maybe lesser rewatched is better fitting) to see if it was just another generic action flick. And for the most part, it most definitely is. But to its credit, there’s a lot of effort put into it and if I’m being fair, story wise it’s pretty much the equal in overall quality to the original. Feel free to @ me.

I hear you’re looking for a man with a very particular set of skills. No, this isn’t Liam Neeson. Why do people always assume that?

The original or first Eraser movie was very entertaining (it’s no True Lies, but it gets the job done). Led by action star powerhouse Arnold Schwarzenegger and backed up by a solid leading lady in Vanessa Williams, the movie delivered when it came to action, sound design and has a nice tight pace that keeps you invested. The special effects are a bit dodgy and definitely don’t hold up but overall it’s a fun ride. The story though is your basic badass hero saves damsel in distress. Can you honestly tell me you remember scenes or moments from this movie by heart the way you do 99 per cent of Arnie’s other movies? Or that you go around quoting lines from it? I didn’t think so. Which brings me back to Eraser: Reborn.

Most of the actors here are unknown, or at the very least you’ll find yourself finding some of them familiar. In the lead role we have Dominic Sherwood (Shadowhunters, Don’t Sleep and he was also in a Taylor Swift music video) as U.S. Marshal Mason “Mace” Pollard. Taking witness protection to the extreme is Mace’s job as he fakes deaths of potential witnesses and helps set them up with new lives. Sherwood may not have the physicality of Arnold but he does a solid job of playing the stoic hero whose job is basically his entire reason for living.

It all started when I saw Commando at age 16. That square jaw. Those bulging biceps. And that accent? Oh mama!

Jacky Lai (Shadowhunters, V-Wars) plays Rina, the woman who he’s tasked to protect. And, just like the original movie, everyone else is basically wallpaper and you’ll forget about them before the credits start rolling. It’s not that the other players here aren’t effective in their roles; it’s just there isn’t much development in the personality department to make them stand out in any significant way. No disrespect to McKinley Belcher III who plays the villain Whitlock but there was no way he was going to outshine his predecessor James Caan, and the writing doesn’t do him any favours.

The action sequences is where this movie shines brightest with scenes that are well shot and fight sequences that are well choreographed. There’s even a chase sequence that seem to take its cues from Fast Five (I think you’ll know it when you see it). And the pacing, for the most part, keeps your interest squarely on the screen. The movie even pays homage to the original by having the final sequence mimic the one from Eraser, where Arnold fights James Caan’s character DeGuerin on top of a shipping container. Even the “alligator scene” in the middle act is a call back to the action sequence that took place in the New York City Zoo. The budget here means these moments will never match the level of awesomeness that came before, but I give them points for doing more than your average straight-to-stream action flick.

Dude. You’re supposed to look cool walking away from an explosion. That doesn’t look cool

So while it’s no Arnold movie, Eraser: Reborn is one of those easy to digest movies that won’t leave a lasting impression. But if you’re in the mood for action that won’t totally waste your time, it’s not a bad way to go.

Sommer’s Score: 5.5 out of 10


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