Batchack Man The Peacemakers Ep 4: Soucouyants and Super Soldiers (Trinidad and Tobago)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

The adventures of herbalist hero The Batchack Man has continued with the latest episode of the Trinidad and Tobago webseries subtitled the Peacemakers. In Episode 4 “Crapaud Smoke Yuh Pipe” we dive deeper into the conflict between the supernatural “folklores” and the enhanced humans. With a frog piping SPOILER ALERT let’s dive in.

Let me start this review with an apology. I didn’t realise there was a post-credits scene for Episode 3 and only learned of this because of the opening recap. And it was a pretty cool scene too as it introduced a cool-looking soucouyant (vampiric creature in Caribbean folklore) with pyrokinetic powers. The episode begins with a different soucouyant, however, and the series for the first time (but hopefully not the last) dips its toe in the horror pool. Actress Christian Prevatt made for a pretty convincing soucouyant and I enjoyed the blood effects. And while I am not the biggest fan of internal monologuing I thought the monologue by Batchack Man (Keyon Byron, also writer/director) worked well. Not only do we learn about this world’s take on socouyants we also FINALLY learn what is BM’s power set. Yeah, that had been bugging me for awhile. His takedown of the soucouyant was interesting but could have used more action in the middle and more fire at the end.

You have something on your mouth. Like, ALL over your mouth. Were you eating red mango? Dang, you really enjoy it

After all the fighting and gunplay of the previous episode, Episode 4 is surprisingly action-lite. Take the confrontation between super soldier Amina (Aliyah Whatley) and mask-wearing thug-for-hire Blood Poison (Malique Toppin). While I liked the twist of him poisoning her (it is in his name after all) and her poison-induced vision that was Scarecrow fear toxin meets Carnival Sunday, a little action would not have hurt. And speaking of Blood Poison, I find myself wanting more of him. I always liked his design and this episode introduced his distorted way of speaking, which was a great addition. Though whoever did the subtitles could tighten up on the grammar. #justsaying. Now while it is implied Amina killed Blood Poison we did not see a body so it is not confirmed. This leaves the door open for his possible (and welcome) return.

The episode also features the return of the female cop character and the revelation of the identity of the stranger who helped BM in the forest last episode. Yeah, not the most interesting aspect of the series. They also feature in the post-credits scene (yes, I caught that one) which was nothing much to talk about. On the topic of talking, we also have Amina delivering one heavy exposition dump which, while drawing clearly the battle lines between the folklores and big bad Dianna’s forces, could have been handled in a more inventive and entertaining way.

Blood Poison like to jumbie people, eh?

Fast forwarding to the end, the series loves its enticing cliffhangers and this episode is no exception. Did BM’s girlfriend just inject herself with an untested version of the super serum? Is she nuts?! Yeah, not the best idea at all. But I guess this means she will now have superpowers too and possibly fight alongside BM. Or, better yet, be corrupted by her powers and become a villain. We’ll see. So all in all another solid episode that moves this increasingly complex tale forward while also answering questions about what came before. I just hope the next episode is more punch punchy and less talky talky.

Editor Jules’s Score: 5.5 out of 10

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