Batchack Man The Peacemakers Episode 2: Folklore and Fisticuffs

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Trini superhero Batchack Man (played by writer/director/chief/cook/bottle washer/shirtless enthusiast Keyon Byron) is back with the second episode of the webseries The Peacemakers. “Power Struggle” digs deeper into the mystical aspect of this world as well as the plot involving the mysterious serum. With a mild SPOILER ALERT let’s jump right into it.

Previously on Batchack Man: The Peacemakers (sorry, couldn’t resist) we saw assassin Amina West (Aliyah Whatley, star of GT Caribbean Network’s Black Land series) murdering two men with almost superhuman abilities. We learn in this episode those abilities were from the green serum Batchack Man found and had his girlfriend analyse, tying Amina’s story into the main plot in a major way. I thought this was a wise choice and I am looking forward to seeing her throw down with our ant-themed superhero.

Yuh nuh know ’bout rollin’ calf my yute? Wha yuh ah sey?

In the two Batchack Man films (Batchack Man and the sequel Missing Persons) the character’s origins were a but murky. But in the fantastic intro of The Peacemakers series we learn that he is from centuries-old line of “herbalists”, people chosen to keep the balance between the human world and the folklore world (calling the creatures “folklores” was a little odd but I can roll with it). The folklore element begins with Batchack Man in civilian clothing (I still need an alter ego name I can call him by Mr Byron, #justsaying) chatting with a girl in the park and learning about a soucouyant attack (for those unfamiliar with Trini/Caribbean folklore a soucouyant is a blood-sucking creature that is able to shed its skin and travel as a ball of flame).

Apparently this attack broke a deal he made with Papa Bois (keeper of the forest in Trini folklore) and this leads to my favourite scene of the episode—Batchack Man (let’s just call him BM) travels to the spirit realm to speak with Mama D’Leau (protect of the rivers in Trini folklore). Byron is very good in this scene but Sharifah Amirah Scipio is next level as the folklore queen. She brings the presence, regality and gravitas necessary for the character and I loved every minute. She also delivers some very important exposition that truly brings the whole story together and sets up some very high stakes. Her makeup and costuming was minimalist but effective. Good stuff.

Hello Mama!

It’s a superhero series, so you do want to get some action and that is delivered in a corridor battle between BM and a few random thugs. It’s very brief and not choreography is not the best but it was still fun seeing the titular hero in action. And the one-liner did make me smile.

If you recall in the last episode BM villain The OH (played by a scenery-chewing Russell A Allen) set up a meeting with our hero. Well we see that meeting here, but before they start chatting we get some posturing between BM and OH henchman Gully Gad (Yohann Thomas) who previously fought the hero in the Batchack Man film. I am huge fan of franchise continuity so I appreciated the callback.

Batchack Man? More like Leaf Cutter Ant Man

On the meeting itself, Allen is good but it is a bit exposition heavy. It does end with a banger of cliffhanger though. I was like, “Dang! They went there. Did not expect that.”

Another good episode from Byron and the folks at Visionaries Production. And I definitely look forward to seeing more of the “folklores” and more superhero action.

Editor Jules’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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