Netflix’s ‘Dogs in Space’ is Doggie Delightful

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: In the not-so-distant future, Earth’s scientists send a fleet of genetically enhanced dogs to explore the galaxy in search of a new planet to call home.

Review: Totally adorable! The toys will practically sell themselves! While Dogs in Space was made with kids of a certain age in mind, I couldn’t help but find it immensely entertaining. And if you’re a bit tired of “adulting”, I think the kid in you will feel the same about this Netflix family original.


Based on a true story (I’m only half kidding about this), Dogs in Space plays off the somewhat horrific but scientifically understandable fact that Russians sent a dog named Laika into space prior to any humans having made the journey. Here we have the animated cuteness of Garbage (voiced by Haley Joel Osment of The Sixth Sense fame), a dog who is captain of a space vessel called Pluto (get it?). And with his crew of mish-mashed mixed breeds in tow he’s determined to find a new planet for humanity to call home. The planets and their lifeforms are both comical and refreshingly original even if they are inspired by ideas we’ve seen before.

The voice talents are old hands at this and some will be instantly recognisable to fans of animated shows. For instance we have Sarah Chalke (Scrubs) and SNL alum Chris Parnell as the voices of second-in-command Stella and mischievous con-artist Ed respectively. Both actors famously voice characters Beth and Jerry on Rick and Morty. William Jackson Harper (The Good Place, Midsommar) is hilarious as the always anxious and fearful Loaf (I’m SO naming my next puppy Loaf!). And we even have Michael Dorn (Star Trek: TNG and DS9) as Pistachio Soup and Debra Wilson (The Haunting of Bly Manor) as Duchess. A ton of talent that brilliantly bring these characters to life coupled with crisp, clean, beautifully animated episodes.

I hope they packed a pooper scooper

I came across a review that describes Dogs in Space as Galaxy Quest for kids and honestly, if Galaxy Quest was made into a television series (which is happening) I could totally envision the episodes looking a lot like this show. So if you’re a parent looking for something fun to watch with your kids that won’t bore you to death in the process, of if you’re just a big kid at heart, I highly recommend checking out Netflix’s latest foray into the world of animation. Dogs in Space is simply put, a delight.

Sommer’s Score: 8 out of 10

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