Aliens Brawl and a Hero’s Call: Magonolia Ep 4

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Teen Trini superhero Magonolia is back in her fourth episode continuing her adventures as well as more of the Capernaum conflict subplot. With a medium SPOILER ALERT let’s get into it.

The new episode picks up from Episode 3 and we see the team of Capernaum warriors Lallane (Khaliyah Jaggernath-Mills), Vaser Claw (Jumael James) and Amoon (Heqperra Rukti Maa Khafra) on the Planet Louwen battling the vile Moors to rescue Lallane’s aunt, Princess Lura (Vanessa Seunal). It’s a brief but action-packed scene and I loved the effects work. And it was great finally seeing my boy Vaser Claw kicking Moor backside. That dude rocks. This was easily my favourite part of the episode. It is also important narrative-wise as this scene and the post-credits scene hint at a secret that may unravel Lallane’s world. Stay tuned!

Yeah, that dude dead

Back on Earth we also had a couple more subplots being explored. Carly, the Instagram girl Magonolia saved last episode, is back and doing a live about the hero. She also has a job with an online website or some type or media house and she has an assignment to do a light piece on the superhero. The scene was okay though the audio was a bit low for the character of Raven Webster (Lavonne Isaac-Bhola) making it difficult to hear her.

And we also saw more of the villainous Marcus Du Pont (veteran TT actor Conrad Parris) and his henchwoman Paralysis (Sydney Ledger, who preciously impressed in After the Apocalypse). It seems Marcus is also investigating the whole alien situation and I can’t wait to see him cross paths with our hero.

I tell the fool to go and get gas by that station, yuh know. But ‘Nahhhhhh. I know my car. We go make it.’ Steups

And speaking of our hero, we get a montage of Magonolia (Aaliyah Ragoonath-Maharaj) going about saving the day. And I really enjoyed this (it’s my second favourite part of the episode, if we’re keeping count). It gave me a Superman, Spider-Man, friendly neighbourhood superhero type of vibe, and it was cool seeing the young superhero continue to embrace her role. Good stuff all around.

As Magonolia’s alter ego Rachel Quintino we see the teenager bonding with a schoolmate Lashawn (sp), who is really Capernaum spy Infernaa (Akeima Gibson) in disguise. The scenes serve to humanise the hero and highlight her troubled family life and loneliness. It also highlight her naivete which seem strange but you have to remember she is still just a teenage girl. And you just know that Infernaa is setting her up big time.

What to do if yuh real like a boy but he like somebody else?

The episode ends with a post-credits scene which sets up another major player in this universe. Great things all around. Get it? Great things? GT Network? You get it.

I think Episode 4 is the best of the series so far. The Capernaum stuff was good, we had some great scenes with Magonolia, and we continued to build on other storylines making the world feel more expansive and interconnected. I am excited to see where we go next.

Editor Jules’s Score: 7 out of 10

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