The Unrelenting Tension of Julia’s Eyes (31 Days of The Best Horror Films You May Have Missed Pt 1/31)

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Horror Head Writer

It’s that time of year again. The time when horror fans dust off their collections, pull out their favourite horror movies and watch them for the hundredth time. And I’m right there with them. I’ve watched so many horror movies over the years it sometimes feels like I’ve seen every good genre flick ever made. But the truth is even the most avid of horror fans miss out on some truly stellar films, ones that came and went without the fanfare they most certainly deserved.

So instead of watching the entire Friday the 13th franchise again for the millionth and one time, I decided to do a little digging and watch some of those great movies (31 to be exact) that I missed on their initial release. Of course there was no way I also wasn’t going to share these gems with my fellow horror-loving fans. So for the next 31 Days I’m going to be reviewing 31 OF THE BEST HORROR MOVIES YOU MAY HAVE MISSED. Happy Halloween Season folks!

Day 1 of 31 – Julia’s Eyes aka Los Ojos de Julia (2010)

JULIA: Hello? Is anyone down here? (*ominous silence*) KILLER: No?

Director: Guillem Morales

Starring: Belen Rueda, Lluis Homar, Pablo Derqui

IMDb Trivia: Originally planned to be filmed in English language. Once Guillermo del Toro became involved as a producer and Universal Pictures saw an opportunity to start its first Spanish production, the idea was changed.

Plot: The story of a woman who is slowly losing her sight whilst trying to investigate the mysterious death of her twin sister.

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Review: This Spanish language horror/thriller was produced by the great Guillermo Del Toro and for that alone I can’t believe it slipped under my radar. Released in 2010, Julia’s Eyes begins building tension from the first frame and barely ever lets up. A blind woman is both terrified and angered by a presence both she and the audience can’t see. Her death soon follows and her twin sister and husband discover her body. But while everyone else thinks it was a suicide, Julia (Belen Rueda) doesn’t believe her sister would take her own life. And just like that, the game is on.

With sharp visuals that perfectly play with dark and light in a way that mimics what slowly losing your sight would look like, and a story that is heavily inspired by the movies of Alfred Hitchcock, Julia’s Eyes is supremely creepy in all the best ways. Most whodunits are easy enough to figure out, but with a screenplay that is as smart as it is compelling, I found it almost impossible to figure out exactly what was happening and who was behind it all.

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The acting is superb by our lead actress and for those who like their thrillers with a dash of horror, things get gruesome as the final act unfolds. If I have any complaints it’s the movie is a tad too long and one of the twists felt unnecessary and poked a few holes in the overall plot. Still, none of those missteps ruined the overall experience and the final scene was both beautiful and poignant.

I would recommend this well-crafted, atmospheric ode to Hitchcock with my eyes closed (hehe). So if you find yourself looking for something new to add to your list of viewing for the Halloween Season, Julia’s Eyes should most definitely make the cut.

Sommer’s Score: 7.5 out of 10

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