Shudder’s ‘The Boy Behind the Door’ is a Spine-Tingling Abduction Horror

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Warning: Minor spoilers and mention of sensitive material concerning minors

Plot: Best friends Kevin O’Connor and Bobby Green are kidnapped on their way to a baseball game. The boys now find themselves in a desperate fight to escape their mysterious abductors.

Photo Credit: Shudder

Review: The Boy Behind the Door is a spine-tingling abduction horror that successfully manages to put children as both the victims and the champions. It all stems from the “friends to the end” concept. Bobby (Lonnie Chavis from This Is Us) and his best friend Kevin (Ezra Dewey from Criminal Minds, The Djinn) are kidnapped on their way to a baseball game. They are bound, gagged, and thrown into a car trunk. After arriving at a remote location Kevin is removed from the trunk while Bobby is left behind, we assume to slowly suffocate.

Bobby struggles and eventually kicks his way out of the trunk after managing to free himself from his bindings. Just as he is about to run away he overhears Kevin screaming for help along with the words “friends to the end” echoing in his mind. Refusing to leave his friend behind, Bobby decides to risk his life to save Kevin in a race against time.

Something that will always remain a shocking topic for the audience is whenever children are put at risk, especially when physical violence against a child is implied or shown on the screen. This one is not for the faint of heart, as it explores another sensitive topic of children being used as a commodity in a pedophile sex operation. It’s a film that doesn’t need much dialogue to evoke the suspense and impending danger of the situation.

Young actors Chavis and Dewey’s powerful performances despite an uncomplicated script were realistic and suitable. Chavis’ performance fleshes out Bobby as a resourceful and persistent friend. Likewise, when the situation is reversed later on, Kevin becomes the one to pick up the mantle of strength to encourage Bobby to keep going so that they could escape.

The mysteriously-dated farmhouse setting contributed to a dark and gothic atmosphere. Actress Bauer van Straten (True Blood, Once Upon a Time) gives a performance that is deliciously over the top and sadistic. Her character has no qualms against killing a child with an ax as an act of revenge. It radiates some particularly strong dark Grimm’s fairy tale traits, except for implying the sexual abuse of minors of course.

While there are a couple of significant plot holes this one is a strong contender for a horror fan’s rewatch list. The Boy Behind the Door is currently available on Shudder’s streaming service if you want to give it a look-see.

Alice’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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