Black Land Episode 2 Deepens the Mystery of the Survivor (Trinidad and Tobago)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

We return to post-apocalyptic Trinidad with the second episode of webseries Black Land from Ville Ventures Universe. The new episode “Vision” continues to explore this grim world and follows the unnamed survivor played by Aliyah Whatley.

With a mushroom-cloud-sized SPOILER ALERT let’s dig into it.

His first act will be to make crab and dumpling Tobago’s national dish

Like the first episode, the new one starts with some world-building. We learn about Tobagonians returning to their island and receiving their own president. Now I hope this doesn’t give the sister isle any ideas. One country people. Trinidad AND Tobago. #justsaying.

The scenes, a mix of original and stock footage, are well-done and look authentic. And I once again have to give props to the polished look of this world. They may not be working with a Hollywood-sized budget but with talent and some creative shortcuts the audience gets something that is visually pleasing. I especially enjoyed the bleak cityscapes as they screamed post-apocalyptic wasteland.

If you look closely you can see Will Smith and his dog. I’m just kidding. That’s not there

All of this is a frame for a personal story, namely that of the survivor. And again I enjoyed Whatley’s costume and her non-verbal acting. But I got issues and I’m gonna air them! Now I don’t know how good of a survivor she is (we really don’t know anything about her at this point) but I see my girl taking a sip of some rum. Now that’s fine; post-apocalyptic life is hell after all. But then she fills up her canteen with said rum. Um, you know that alcohol dehydrates you, right? Well I guess she’ll find out eventually.

And then we see her having a messy meal of baked beans. The slice of survivor life stuff was fine but I felt like we got enough of that with the first episode. I’m ready for some action! Where’s that drone we saw? Who’s after her? What about that lab scene?

Pork and beans! Remember? In Living Color? Jim Carrey? Boy, you guys make me feel old

Well we do get a hint about one of these issues as our survivor has some type of episode, has a flashback to her time in the lab and collapses. It appears she was experimented on or…she was created in a lab!

And then fade to black. Quit teasing me people! I need more!

So, while I found “Vision” was decent I thought they could have cut down on some of the survival stuff and pushed the story further more. But I suspect things are going to heat with the next episode. Only time will tell.

Editor Jules’ Score: 5.5 out of 10

You can watch both Black Land episodes by clicking here. And you can check out more from Ville Ventures Universe and GT Caribbean Network below:


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