Netflix Supernatural Detective Series ‘Trese’ is an Engaging Dive into Filipino Folklore

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Horror Head Writer

Plot: In Manila, where dark supernatural forces pervade the criminal underworld, it’s up to Alexandra Trese to keep the peace. But there’s a storm brewing.

Review: Based on the Filipino comic of the same name written by Budget Tan, Trese premiered on Netflix some few weeks ago and I devoured all six episodes there and then. And even though some time has passed, I just couldn’t seem to get this interesting show out of my head. So with a better-late-than-never, let’s take a look at this supernatural detective procedural, Trese.

All right. Who’s next?

Following our heroine Alexandra Trese, who is a bit like Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Veronica Mars, Trese works closely with police Captain Guerrero and her “bodyguards”, twins Crispin and Basillo, to solve cases that seem unnatural. And in doing so she follow in her father’s footsteps by keeping the balance of peace between both this world and the supernatural one.

If you’re a fan of mythology in general, Trese has a lot to offer. Inspired by Filipino folklore, the creatures, demi-gods and magic here are not what most of us are use to seeing, which makes the story feel original and engaging. The animation has a late 90’s vibe to it, with moments that made me think of shows like the Justice League animated series. Nothing particularly wrong with that, but I’ve seen the artwork of Kajo Baldisimo, the lead artist who illustrates the komik (which is how Filipinos spell “comic”), and his black and white illustrations are fantastic. I wish they would’ve tried to emulate that in the series as I think it would’ve gone a long way in adding dimension to the scenes and making the horror on display that much more visceral.

This dude looks like a real hothead. Get it? Hot head? You get it

I also wish they had more than six episodes. The storytelling was rushed in some places, almost like they were expecting you to already be familiar with this world. And a couple more episodes would’ve gone a long way in expanding on characters and their backstories, as well as the folklore on display and the overall atmosphere.

Still, Trese has a lot to offer and is the kind of anime-inspired show that both long time fans of the medium and newcomers alike can enjoy. Here’s hoping Season 2 isn’t far behind.

Sommer’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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