Record of Ragnarok is a Gloriously Trashy Anime

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: Every 1000 years the gods gather to decide humanity’s fate. At long last, the gods have grown tired of humans and decide to extinguish them. At the last moment before judgment is cast a valkyrie named Brunhilde steps in and asks the gods to let humans prove their worth in the battle of Ragnarok—a tournament where humans face gods one on one.

Review: Over the years I’ve watched a lot of anime. I’ve seen the absolute amazing and I’ve seen the utterly forgettable, but in all that time I’ve never truly seen an anime that falls under the category of “so-bad-it’s-good”. Well I can officially scratch that one of the list as Record of Ragnarok is absolute trash…and I had a blast watching it.

Zeus is that you? You look like an undead pirate wizard

The premise is as straightforward as the last fighting-based video game you played. The gods (and I mean ALL of them) are sick and tired of our bullcrap (can’t say I blame them) and they’ve decided to wipe out all humanity. But before Zeus can drop the gavel a valkyrie steps up and challenges the gods to give the humans one last chance to prove themselves. How you wonder? Why, one-on-one battles of course, because Gary from Subway can totally kick Odin’s ass, right? Fight fresh!

The plot makes zero sense but I was willing to look the other way if the animation and fight scenes were memorable. After watching Record of Ragnarok, I’m not sure if “memorable” is the right word.

Prepare yourself for my Divine Spear of a Thousand Unholy Slashes

You see the animation isn’t awful or anything; it actually reminded me of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures as well as the kind of anime we would’ve seen in the late 90s, early 2000s. Longtime anime fans will be used to each fight lasting at least three episodes (monologues and backstories galore), while viewers who may just watch this out of curiosity might find themselves wondering why every introduction of a new fighter requires an ENTIRE episode. Even the WWE would call these entrances a bit much.

By the fifth episode I gave up trying to find any sense of substance or message in this series and ended up doing something I’ve never done with anime before—I switched off my brain and just took it all in. It was the only way to get through it!

Maybe a well-made brassiere would have been a bit more practical. #justsaying

For crying out loud, Aphrodite has two servants standing behind her to carry her breasts. No, that’s not a typo people, you didn’t read it wrong, they have to support her massive boobies like some kind of living bra! It’s just one of many truly strange decisions made by Netflix studios and producers Warner Brothers in the adaptation of what should’ve been a straightforward fight-based series. And I’m genuinely curious as to what fans of the manga think about this…interesting take on this story.

There’s also the issue of offending some people. The show was actually banned in India for depicting Shiva (a highly revered god in Hindu culture) as what amounts to a Street Fighter character. And I’m guessing the reason they chose to use the Greek and Norse pantheons the most is there aren’t that many followers out there to make a fuss. Whatever the case may be, Record of Ragnarok is NOT the series you show to someone you’re trying to convert to an anime fan. But it’s so over-the-top ridiculous and so in love with its own nonsense you can’t help but give it props for sticking with it.

Hey notorious murderer of women. Good luck in your match, I guess

Did I mention Jack the Ripper is one of the humans we’re supposed to root for? Now that I think about it, ridiculous doesn’t even BEGIN to cover it!

Sommer’s Score: 5.5 out of 10

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