Ghost Adventures ‘Disturbed in Wickenburg’ and ‘The Joshua Tree Inn’ Reviews

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Your resident spooky mistress Alice Oscura here with another paranormal review of Ghost Adventures’ latest episodes from Season 21. Zak Bagans and his crew continue in their investigation in order to record groundbreaking evidence to prove the existence of the paranormal. So, let’s peek into the other realm a bit and forge ahead with my spooky reviews.

Episode 7: Disturbed in Wickenburg

The GA Team return to Arizona in order to investigate a resurgence of hauntingly disturbing occurrences. Back in 2010, the team visited the then-abandoned Vulture Mine located in Wickenburg. The town of Wickenburg was named after German prospector Henry Wickenburg who discovered gold in 1863 in the Vulture Mine. The mine is also synonymous with an incident that occurred in 1923, where seven miners and their pack mules snuck into it with the intention of shaving gold pieces off of the support columns. This led to a disastrous collapse, trapping all within like a gigantic tomb.

Wickenburg is also known for its infamous “Hanging Tree”. Before an official law representative had been assigned to Wickenburg it was known as a vigilante town. Justice was taken into the hands of the residents for years and at least 18 men met their deaths on the Hanging Tree using particularly gruesome methods after being tried for various offences like theft, rape, and murder.

Now, ten years after Zak and the team’s initial visit, a paranormal conference was being held at the ghost town of Vulture City and three people were severely affected, even resulting in the hospitalisation of two of them. Upon further investigation, they discover that the mining has been restarted and it could be the trigger for the resurgence of hauntings.

Zak interviews members of the Navajo tribe who are part of a paranormal organisation called Unearthing the Supernatural. They explain that when the area was taken over and developed it released an ancient Native American curse. He further explains that there were demons connected to the earth in the form of giants and the original native Americans performed ceremonies by banishing the giants back into the earth and placing protective spirits on top of them in order to protect the land and its people. When the white settlers and soldiers came and began to dig up the earth it released the evil upon the land. The Shamans perform a ceremony to communicate with the spirits both good and bad and invite the GA crew to document anything that they could find.

This episode is all kinds of interesting, creepy, and just jampacked with all sorts of evidence, from electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) to shadowy figures to unexplained noises. There is definitely something in Wickenburg and I’ll say this…it is disturbed as hell!

Alice’s Spooky Score: 7.5 out of 10

Episode 8: The Joshua Tree Inn

Zak and the team head to Joshua Tree, California to visit the famous Joshua Tree Inn, a colourful, hacienda-styled inn dating back to the 1950s. The location gains it most notoriety for the death of American singer, songwriter, and guitarist Gram Parsons. In the 1960s Parsons’ favourite place to vacation was the Joshua Tree Inn and the Joshua Tree National Park, where he would indulge in hallucinogenic drugs and alcohol. However, in September of 1973, his life ended when he overdosed on alcohol, barbiturates, and morphine in Room No. 8. He was 26.

But the story doesn’t end there folks. In order to fulfill Parsons’ last wishes, American record producer Phil Kaufman and a friend stole his body from the Los Angeles International Airport, drove it to the Joshua Tree National Park, poured about five gallons of gasoline over the body, and lit it with the intention of spreading his ashes over Cap Rock as per Parsons’ wishes. The plan, however, didn’t quite work out because Kaufman and his friend were extremely intoxicated at the time. It is suspected that Gram Parsons’ spirit is not at rest and now regularly haunts Room No 8 at the Joshua Tree Inn.

During the investigation the workers reported to Zak that there is another presence at the Inn but this one is dark and malevolent. The GA crew invited a guest to investigate with them on this episode—famous Tik Tok star and singer Loren Gray. Zak and Loren have a deeply emotional experience in Room No. 8 when they manage to communicate with the spirit of Gram Parsons. Zak and Billy Tolley also spend the night at the Joshua Tree Inn after Zak sees a dark figure in the very room that he was about to stay in.

In this episode you have doors opening of their own accord, uneasy feelings, mysterious shadows walking while Zak interviews the manager of the Inn, and a funny sequence of fellow GA team members Aaron Goodwin and Jay Wasley having a blast in a posh-looking hotel away from the haunting of the Joshua Tree Inn. It is a stark contrast to the sleepless and restless night that poor Zak and Billy experienced at the Inn. But all jokes aside, this episode is one of the best out of this new season of Ghost Adventures in my opinion.

Gram Parsons (left) and Tik Tok star and singer Loren Gray

It is always sad when a person passes way before their time, especially one that was as talented as Gram Parsons. But he still managed to leave behind a legacy despite how short his life had been. If you get a chance to listen to Parsons’ work you will notice how much of his emotional pain and sadness came out in songs. It was almost as if he knew that he wasn’t meant to be here in this life for too long.

Alice’s Spooky Score: 8.5 out of 10

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