Antigua and Barbuda Short Film ‘The Guest’ is a Scandalous Romp (901st Post Celebration)

Julien Neaves, Caribbean Head Writer

Greetings Redmangoreaders. Some housekeeping first. I am excited to announce that this is Redmangoreviews’s 901st post. Can you believe it? I can barely believe it myself. Just want to give special thanks to Senior Writer and Horror Head Writer Sommerleigh Pollonais and Featured Writer Alice Oscura. Really could not have done it without you both.

Well that is quite enough of the sappy stuff. Time to get down to business. In my untiring effort to promote Cariwood (Caribbean film) I came across the short film The Guest from Antigua and Barbuda. And I hadn’t reviewed anything from the country yet so I decided to jump in.

The Guest tells the tale of two women in a house (I believe they may be sisters or roommates). One of the women, Sharon, is dressed and ready for church and the other woman, Kay, is still in her underwear and is ostensibly still getting ready but at an extremely slow pace. Sharon gets frustrated and leaves. Kay, however, changes into lingerie, calls the titular guest (I won’t spoil the identity) and invites him over. And no, it’s not to play Scrabble.

Sharon, however, forgot something at home and returns. She meets a neighbour who alerts her that the above-mentioned visitor is in her house. She then proceeds to confront Kay and hijinks ensue. For this one, I enjoyed the lead actress’s performance, the use of Antiguan dialect and colloquialisms, and the silly if generic set-up. I laughed a few times during the under ten-minute runtime and with it ending on a huge cliffhanger I would love to see a part 2. So if you want a couple of quick laughs from the land of 365 beaches then how about inviting The Guest to a device near you.

Editor Jules’s Review: 6 out of 10

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