From Magical Mischief to Funky Fashions: The Flash Season 7 Episodes 4-6 Review

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Now that Season 6 storyline has officially ended with Episode 3, Flash fans are finally able to shake off the vestiges of the weakest season-long arc ever and hopefully move onto a meatier story with the substance of previous seasons.

So once again it’s me Alice Oscura here to give you guys the latest scoop on what’s going with our favourite Scarlet Speedster. With a Speed Force-sized SPOILER ALERT here are my Season 7 Episodes 4-6 Reviews:

Episode 4: Central City Strong

This is my magic stick. It makes…magic!

The official start of Season 7 goes a bit light on the action and heavy on the emotional fallout after both the Crisis event and Mirrorverse. Our favourite couple had a lot to deal with after fearing that Barry had to die in Crisis and then Iris getting stuck in the Mirrorverse. The main theme is about accepting and acknowledging trauma, as well as trying to figure out how to move ahead with your life while dealing with it. It was a huge opportunity for growth especially for Biris’s marriage when they finally get the chance to talk things out.

This week’s villain is a return from Season 3—David Dastmalchian aka Abra Kadabra. For me he is one of the weaker villains in the Arrowverse. Basically, he’s lost someone that he cared about and blames Flash for it. After taking Flash’s advice Dastmalchian turned over a new leaf and started a family which he unfortunately lost in Crisis. He blames Barry for the fact that he didn’t vanish, so he wanted to inflict the same pain that he was feeling in his loss on Central City. A bit of a yawn factor here in this plot. However, there is an amusing comment made by Chester P Runk for all those Doctor Who fans out there.

Of course The Doctor can regenerate into a black man. Don’t you remember Hell Bent?

The CGI was atrocious this week too. It is most apparent when a weird hulk-like creature shows up out of nowhere, kills Abra Kadabra, and almost chokes the life out of Barry.

Also have any fellow Flash fans noticed the absence of actor Tom Cavanagh’s name from the beginning credits? Although Harrison Wells sudden resurrection was weak sauce it is clear that the actor is not done with the series. So, I think that Wells is going to show when Team Flash needs his support later on up this season.

Hey dude. PlayStation 1 called. They need their level one boss back

Oh, by the way, Caitlin begins to experience some unexplained splitting headaches and by the end of the episode Cisco is shocked to see that Frost and Caitlin are now separate people.

The episode ends on a high note with Iris joining a support group and beginning the process of healing by acknowledging her trauma of being trapped in the Mirrorverse. And Candice Patton gets to give quite the riveting speech. The accompanying score of song “You Gotta Be” feels a bit much for the scene but I can appreciate the fact that they were trying to stress the empowerment of the moment for Iris. A bit of a rocky start but at least it is in a different direction.

Episode Score: 5.5 out of 10

Episode 5: “Fear Me”


The Hulk-like creature that almost killed Barry in the previous episode is now officially named Fuerza (Spanish for strength) by Cisco. The episode begins with Team Flash trying to track Fuerza by using geothermal isotopes signatures that she leaves behind. Barry is only just getting informed of Caitlin and Frost’s new situation when they are suddenly interrupted by the Speed Force materialising as Nora Allen. After it/she appears the Speed Force collapses in Barry’s arms. She had been attacked by Fuerza.

Meanwhile another villain shows up to terrorise Central City with the startling power of attacking someone by using their deepest fears against them and amplifying it to terrifying heights. Now named Psych, the Speed Force reveals that Fuerza and Psych are both linked—Fuerza is the Strength Force and Psych is the Sage Force.

Ah crap. I think I accidentally switched to American Horror Story

After a particularly brutal attack from Psych, Barry’s confidence is shaken to the core and he gets help from an expected source. Cecile’s telepathic powers come into play here by using the Thinker’s chair to amplify another emotion in order to counteract Psych.

However, after the battle Barry puts himself in the cryo-pod to heal after his system gets overwhelmed by the same power that wounded the Speed Force from her encounter with Fuerza.

Guess who’s the newest server at Dairy Queen!

On the Caitlin/Frost home front, while Caitlin is anxious to re-fuse herself with Frost by using the Firestorm Matrix Frost revels in her newfound independence and sabotages the Matrix. They eventually come to a mutual understanding and have decided to move forward as sisters and roommates. However, I believe that their happiness will be short-lived as the Governor’s office has sent an Agent Kramer to Central City in order arrest the fugitive known as Killer Frost.

The episode spent some time trying to prep the audience to the fact these new Force threats are more dangerous than any other villain that The Flash has ever faced. It sets the stage for one heck of a build-up for this season’s upcoming events.

Episode Score: 6.5 out of 10

Episode 6: The One with The Nineties

CISCO: What…are…we…wearing?!

This was an extremely fun and yet emotional episode. We are introduced to the final force here, the Still Force. Cisco and Chester are caught in a wacky 90s time loop by being sent back to December 4, 1998. It is a day that holds a lot of emotional significance for Chester as it was the day before his father died in a car accident. It was previously hinted at when Chester mentioned that he lived with his grandmother from a young age and it seemed to have occurred following a tragic family event.

It is later revealed that Chester’s father was an inventor as well and hadn’t been very present in his life due to his work. It was clear from the start that Chester’s character had so much more to him that needed to be revealed and this episode does it perfectly. Just like the other members of Team Flash, Chester’s hurt and trauma stem from the death of a relative. Actor Brandon McKnight is given his moment to shine in this one and he does an excellent job of balancing the fun moments with the emotional ones when he has given a second chance to confront the demons from his past.

Don’t call yourself a soul fan if you don’t know this singer

The episode really highlights the budding friendship between Cisco and Chester. These are two characters that I have seen fall into a natural camaraderie with each other and it was nice to see an episode that focused on this element. However, I felt as though the reveal of the Still Force was a bit of a let down as it turns out to be someone from Chester’s high school past named Deon who just wanted to relive his youth by rewinding time in order to avoid the day that changed his life forever.

The Speed Force is still recovering and one of the defining moments of the episode is when it/she realises that taking the form of Barry’s deceased mother would create more pain and grief for Barry. It’s interesting to see how an elemental like the Speed Force seemed to be so emotionally concerned for Barry’s welfare with almost human-like qualities. There is a sentimental conversation between Iris and the Speed Force that is quite touching and hits all the right notes.

It would seem that the other Forces are still getting to know their powers and it suggests that they are only just beginning to discover the true depths of their abilities, which is a bit scary.

BARRY: Hey babe IRIS: Yes BARRY: Could you wear the ‘fro tonight?

Captain Joe West reveals to Frost about Agent Kramer being sent by the Governor’s office to arrest the meta known as Killer Frost for her crimes. Frost becomes more determined than ever and basically issues a challenge for Kramer to come and face her.

The momentum and energy that I got from this episode is one that I haven’t felt in such a long time from The Flash, and I am hoping that it is a foreshadowing of great things to come from this season.

Episode Score: 7 out of 10

So what did you think of these three episodes? And which was your favourite? For my review of Season 7 Episodes 1-3 you can click here. And for my Flash Season 6 rant you can click here.

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