The Flash Season 7 Mirrorverse Arc Concludes: Episodes 1-3 Reviewed

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Now that CW’s The Flash season 7 has picked up momentum I thought that I would check in with the Scarlet Speedster’s fans on what we’ve seen so far.

Grant Gustin returns as a more buff and toned Barry Allen. I am digging those new guns he’s been sporting. But all kidding aside, the first three episodes of Season 7 are actually the last episodes of Season 6 that didn’t get to air due to the interruption by the height of the Covid-19 pandemic last year. With this in mind, it was a mad dash into tying up the many loose ends that was in my humble opinion the worst season of the CW series so far.

So, with a Speed Force-sized SPOILER ALERT, let’s get into it.

When you think of how many times you slept with Faux Iris

Episode 1: At the start of Season 7 Flash’s speed is now at one per cent and Barry has now resorted to putting himself into a cryogenic stasis temporarily to help him preserve the speed he has left in between bouts of releasing him to try to capture Eva McCulloch (Efrat Dor). That is until they can finish building the Artificial Speed Force (ASF) with the help of newbies Chester P. Runk (Brandon McKnight), Allegra (Kayla Compton), and Nash Wells (Tom Cavanagh).

Nash and the Council of Wells figure out that their multi-verse particles that still reside within Nash will be able to help charge the ASF by using Allegra’s ultraviolet powers to push the particles into a fusion sphere. But it would mean that Nash would have to be the organic conductor to control the unstable particles and he would have to die in order for Barry to regain his speed. The scene is quite climatic and emotional as a sort of a last hurrah for the Council of Wells. And just when you think that maybe the series has exhausted that all too familiar phrase of “Run Barry Run”, it still manages to pack the emotional punch to the gut as Nash disintegrates, charges the ASF, and Barry regains his speed with one heck of a yellow lightning display. Meanwhile, Eva McCulloch makes the startling discovery that she is a mirror duplicate and the real Eva died the night of the particle accelerator explosion at Star Labs.

So long Nash and the Council of Wells. Well I guess that’s the last we’ll see of the Wells-es. Yeah, you can put good money on that. Photo: Katie Yu/The CW — © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved

Episode 2: By the next episode, Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) and Caitlin/Frost (Danielle Panabaker) both return to the series. Very soon after Barry regains his speed he develops speed thinking on a level tantamount to precognition. Unfortunately, while it temporarily amazes fans the ASF soon turns our beloved Speedster into something almost devoid of human emotions.

Due to his newfound genius, Barry finds a solution to bringing back Iris (Candice Patton), Kamilla (Victoria Park) and Singh (Patrick Sabongui) from being trapped in the Mirrorverse by using the last remnants of Dark Matter that have lodged themselves into the surface of the same mirror that created Eva McCulloch’s mirror duplicate. However, celebrations are short-lived when Barry discovers that there is only enough Dark Matter to extract one person from the Mirrorverse. He withholds this information from Team Flash and decides to extract only Iris because she had been trapped in the Mirrorverse the longest and will have the most information on Eva to help Barry capture her.

Sorry Bar. This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me

Meanwhile Cisco soon realises that Barry is not himself and the team attempts to stop him when they figure out his plan. Barry attacks them rendering them all unconscious and proceeds with his plan to extract Iris. He is successful but not without Iris putting up a fight as she doesn’t want to leave Kamilla and Singh, who are now both in a critical condition, trapped in the Mirrorverse. Barry proves stronger than Iris and pulls her out of the Mirrorverse. The shock immediately causes an adverse affect on Iris’s brain. She falls to the ground and immediately begins experiencing convulsions. Seeing Iris in pain causes Barry to snap out of it and he destroys the ASF in a fit of grief and rage. Team Flash wakes up and Barry begs them to help Iris.

Meanwhile, in another location, more specifically the site where Eobard Thorne aka Reverse Flash buried Harrison Wells, we see multi-verse particles form together to show that the original Harrison Wells has returned.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the lamest villain of them all?

Episode 3: Team Flash always having Barry’s back forgives him for his inhuman behaviour because they understand that he was infected by the ASF. Again, without a Speed Force to replenish The Flash, Barry’s is on the brink of losing the last of his speed just when Eva McCulloch begins to execute her plan of kidnapping and trapping real citizens of Central City in the Mirrorverse and creating mirror duplicates to live in a new world of her creation, since real people have squandered their chances on earth. This seemed to be the running theme of Season 6 where villains with a misplaced sense of purpose think that they are either saving humanity or replacing humanity with something that they deem will be better.

Harrison Wells shows up with time-travelling powers and stays temporarily to help Team Flash. Iris is out of commission from the brain trauma suffered. Barry begs her to return to him because (clears throat) he’s her lightning rod. He tries to take her hand and a jolt of purple lightning is seen between their hands. Now do fans remember that time that Iris was a speedster? She had purple lightning, right? And their daughter Nora had yellow and purple lightning. Barry figures out that a remnant of the original Speed Force still lay dormant within Iris and by being exposed to the Dark Matter in the Mirrorverse it activated somehow. He also mentioned the fact that maybe because he is the Paragon of Love this could also be a factor. I know they lay the cheese on pretty thick in this one, but it was worth it because I was missing that Barry/Iris content the entire season.

Biris together again. Yeah that still sounds like a nasty skin condition. Back to the drawing board

Iris powers the fusion sphere and charges the ASF, and soon the Flash is back in fighting form. He has a sweet reunion with Iris and the team then focuses on Eva McCulloch. In true Flash fashion Barry tries to appeal to Eva’s good side but in the end Iris is the one that manages to get through to her. And with residual powers from the Mirrorverse they both destroy the last of the mirror duplicates wreaking havoc in Central City freeing those who have been trapped in the Mirrorverse. Harrison Wells departs hinting that he will be using his time travel powers to relive the last moments with his deceased beloved wife over and over again.

The final shot of what should have been the season 6 finale shows that at the moment that Barry’s Speed Force is activated over at Star Labs we see four differently coloured lightning blasts. A theory that is being shot around online is that this represents the different Speed Forces: the yellow Speed Force is Courage, the blue or Sage Force enhances the minds that are bound to it, the red is the Strength Force, and the green is the Still Force for inertia. The consensus seems to be that the rebirth of these Speed Forces will bring along new enemies and drama for The Flash.

Oh man! This is even better than a double rainbow!

Final Thoughts: Even though episode 3 aka Season 6’s finale was a bit anticlimactic for me it did manage to bring some new cohesive elements in terms of new likeable characters to Team Flash.

I don’t know if this is the last that we will be seeing of Tom Cavanagh aka Wells since they are being a bit secretive on that front. I am curious to see what’s next for Barry and Iris’s relationship. I am also suspecting a build-up to Cecile’s (Danielle Nicolet) telepathic powers. Now that we have finally gotten closure, we can move ahead with anticipation to see what new battles are in store for Team Flash.

Alice’s Average Score for Episodes 1-3: 5.5/10

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