Chinese Animated Fantasy/Adventure ‘Legend of Deification’ is a Beautiful Film with a Beautiful Message

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: Banished to the mortal world, a warrior has to slay a demon to return to the heavenly realm and become a god.

Review: In a battle between Heaven and Hell, gods and devils, only humanity loses. At least that’s what I took away from Chinese animated movie Legend of Deification. It is a beautiful tale of one man’s journey to not only redemption, but to prove every life matters, no matter the cost. I don’t know much about Chinese mythology, but if you’ve read stories about Greek, Norse, or Roman gods, you know they tend to be petty and selfish, and that theme resonates here as well.

When your Master hasn’t eaten in days and he starts looking at you funny…

Our hero, Jian Ziya, leads the armies of the gods to battle the nine-tailed fox, who has instigated a war against them. He wins this war but when he’s told to kill the nine-tailed fox he hesitates because he thinks he sees a young girl imprisoned by the demon. Due to his failure he is banished. Years later, he comes across the girl once more and makes it his duty to find out the truth behind it all.

This epic tale is beautifully animated in a CGI format that will be familiar to anyone who enjoys Pixar’s movies. The score immerses you in the emotion of the story and even when things get a bit confusing you’ll find it easy to let go and just enjoy the imagery. I will admit though that the opening, which is animated in a classic “cartoonish” style, was much more engaging and I kind of wished the entire movie was done this way.

I don’t know what’s going on here, but it looks cool

There’s also little to no character development of the side characters, which for some people may be a negative. Take for example the most recent Walt Disney Animated movie, Raya and the Last Dragon, a film also focused on Asian culture where all of the main characters were given fully-fleshed out stories. Here it’s quite different. They are more like plot devices used to move the story forward. A story that is focused on one character, Jiang Ziya. I actually didn’t have an issue with this, not in the way I usually would’ve, as they do a wonderful job of making him a truly compelling character. He’s supposed to be a god himself yet unlike the rest of them, including his Master, he cares about humanity and fights for them even if it means he has to sacrifice everything he’s been taught to believe.

The message that everyone deserves a chance at happiness, forgiveness, and redemption is a beautiful one and while it may not have Pixar’s level of animated perfection, it’s a beautiful movie that tells the kind of story we in the Western part of the world wouldn’t normally get to see. If you missed out on this one last year, you should definitely give it a go.

Sommer’s Score 6.5 out of 10

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