Wallflowers go Haywire in Smallville: CW’s Superman & Lois Episodes 3-5 Reviews

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer


Plot: Clark Kent aka Superman and Lois Lane move the family to Smallville and find themselves dealing with new adversaries and hurdles.

Episode 3: “The Perks of Not Being a Wallflower”

I don’t want..yer life!

The episode starts with a lighthearted tone and an opening scene showing the Kent family trying to freshen up the old home with a coat of paint. It turns into an all-out paint war until the moment is interrupted by a bridge collapsing in China. Superman speeds off to the rescue and stops the bridge from collapsing into the sea and onto a terrified fisherman. Hoechlin then does a simple action that honestly has only been associated with Christopher Reeves’ Superman—his nonverbal acknowledgement and little salute to the fisherman who is overjoyed at seeing Superman in action. This scene officially made me eat my words on how I viewed Hoechlin as Superman. The actor has been slowly chipping away at my armour and I can safely say that he has earned his red cape.

The episode is jam-packed with moments of Clark having to switch back and forth from Superman to father of two teenaged sons bringing problems to the table he has never faced before. I had to admit that this is Tyler Hoechlin’s best performance so far since his debut as the Man of Steel. As such, I need to draw your attention to a particular scene where Superman has a head-to-head confrontation with one of Morgan Edge’s goons. He swoops in to rescue his beloved with such an adrenaline shot that it gave me goosebumps. Lois (Bitsie Tulloch) still hasn’t been given enough material to chew on, but she has only just started her investigation on Morgan Edge and there remain numerous obstacles in her way.

The Kent sons are still charming their way through Smallville High with both of them now playing football for the Smallville Crows. But I foresee some challenges ahead with this in future episodes. I already see Jonathan beginning to struggle with the shifting dynamic between the brothers. Of the two, Jonathan had the most to lose in terms of compromising with the move from Metropolis to Smallville. Although he is the emotionally stronger of the twins, it is only a matter of time until Jonathan lashes out at all the drastic changes and new challenges that have occurred.

Score: 7.5 out of 10

Episode 4: “Haywire”

So what’s in the box?

Superman battles the age-old issue that he cannot be everywhere at the same time. He has to make some particularly tough choices which unfortunately have negative consequences. But when you combine your Man of Steel duties with wanting to be there for your family…well let’s just say that things get slightly more complicated.

Can I just take this time to mention how General Lane (Dylan Walsh) ticked me off? His consistent chastising of Clark because he thinks that “Superman” is not prioritising his time efficiently rubbed me the wrong way. He crossed the line when he advised his grandsons not to go to their father for help on trivial matters because he is an important person, and that the world needs him far more than they do. Lois had to step in and remind him that his track record as a father really doesn’t give him the right to interfere on how they choose to raise their sons.

GENERAL LANE: Is that cat really playing that piano?

Also am I the only that got some strong nostalgic CW’s Smallville vibes from this episode? A fellow classmate and team member from the Smallville high football team named Tag has been out of commission due to an injury sustained from the night that Jordan Kent’s powers first manifested. He begins displaying some super-fast seizures that mirrors that of episode 8 in Smallville’s first season. We are soon made aware that the town is infested with a yellow phosphorus like mineral known as X-Kryptonite. It seems to have the ability to give powers to anyone that is exposed to it in large quantities. Now we know why Morgan Edge is so interested in Smallville.

The episode ends on a mysterious note with General Lane making a cryptic phone call to an unknown person telling them that Project 7734 needs to be set in motion. This can only spell trouble for Superman and it would seem that Clark can no longer trust his father-in-law. This represents further conflict ahead for the Man of Steel and his family.

Score: 7 out of 10

Episode 5: “Best of Smallville”

What’s that? Timmy? Timmy’s in the well?

We are introduced to Clark’s younger self through a series of flashbacks that shed a light on his relationship with Ma Kent and what led Clark to leave Smallville. We see that as an adult Clark regrets how he left Smallville and his adopted mother. The fact that he should have spent more time with her before it was too late. It basically reveals that Clark was in a hurry to become Superman after his father’s death knowing that he was meant to do great things with his powers for mankind. Meanwhile Jonathan is reeling from his breakup with Metropolis girlfriend Eliza and lashes out at his parents and gets into trouble for drinking. Jordan and Sarah bond further but with a mutual understanding that it is under the terms of friendship.

The mysterious villain I can now reveal comfortably at this stage to be Alexander Luthor Jr aka Captain Luthor from an alternative Earth. Luthor is now in Smallville tracking Clark and Lois. He introduces himself as a fellow reporter to Lois under the pseudonym of Marcus Bridgewater.

Score: 6.5 out of 10

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Final thoughts: I think that the series is now at a very crucial point in that if they take too long to develop the Captain Luthor and Morgan Edge/X-Kryptonite stuff the slow burn can cause the series to fall flat and fizzle out. Now that we have seen another character infected with the yellow-K that ended with quite tragic consequences, we know for sure that Edge is experimenting on the all the persons who have been reported as missing. A little amping up here with both story arcs is required in my opinion. They also need to pull back now on the family drama and start diving headfirst into a solid direction.

I think that they need to come out strong with both guns blazing in the next two episodes to maintain the current flow and interest in the series. While I appreciate the fact that they seemed committed to the Kent family element, it wouldn’t hurt to see Superman and Lois start facing their enemies head on.

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