The Vault is a Tight and Tension-Filled Heist Flick

Sommerleigh Pollonais, Senior Writer

Plot: Thom, a genius engineering graduate, is approached by charismatic art dealer Walter who wants to use his talents to break into the Bank of Spain, the location of one of the most impenetrable vaults in the world. Walter wants to retrieve three coins that once belonged to the famous privateer Sir Francis Drake which he believes will lead to a long-lost treasure.

Review: I love a good heist movie. Then again, who doesn’t? Ocean’s 11 and 13 (let’s all pretend 12 never happened) Logan Lucky, hell, even the Mission Impossible movies pull off an awesome heist or two. It’s one of the few types of films where you find yourself eagerly rooting for the crew to succeed, even though they’re basically stealing. So is The Vault aka Way Down worthy of standing with the above-mentioned heist films? Well I can’t speak for others but for me, it most definitely gets the job done.

Two people standing around while one person does all the work. School group project anyone?

First things first—the movie has a great look to it. With location shots in London, Spain and some beautiful underwater scenes, The Vault could stand tall with most other big budget heist films out there. Now let’s talk about the next important element of a good heist—the crew—and this cast works nicely.

The film stars the eternally youthful Freddie Highmore (Bates Motel, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) as Thom, a genius engineer who wants to use his talents for more than just making big bucks, and includes Liam Cunningham (Game of Thrones, Dog Soldiers) as their leader and a man who has hunted after a well-hidden treasure for decades, and Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey (King Arthur, I Origins) as a pickpocket extraordinaire. They did a great job of keeping you invested in the story and, as any fan of heist films knows, a charismatic gang makes up a big part of why we enjoy these films.

Hold on. I hear something…🎵 Gonna take my horse down the Old Town Road, I’m gonna riiiiiiiiiide until I can’t no more 🎵

The pacing is perfect, even during the planning stages of the heist, and once the actual plot is afoot the tension is nice and tight in all the right places. Sorry, that sounded less raunchy in my head. Still, I was on the edge of my seat for a lot of this, and that’s the icing on the cake called The Vault.

The only place this movie loses points with me is in the weak sauce, one-note “villain”, who isn’t really a bad guy and just the head of security. And while I appreciated he was smarter than your average bear (he knew something was going to happen and kept our gang on their toes) it would’ve been nice to see him fleshed out more. We also had some predictable actions take place when it came to a certain character. Seriously, it was like he was wearing a giant glowing sign that said “TRAITOR” every time he popped up, and I wished they would’ve written that part better.

I hear this guy has the ladies hooked. Yeah, that one was pretty bad. Apologies

Overall though The Vault is a tense, fun heist movie that should please most fans of this genre. It looked great, and with a runtime just a bit under two hours it was the kind of movie I wouldn’t mind watching again.

Sommer’s Score: 6.5 out of 10

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