Tom & Jerry: The Movie is Uninspired and Unfunny

Julien Neaves, Editor

Plot: The iconic cat and mouse create havoc in a swanky hotel on the eve of a celebrity wedding.

Review: Now I have fond memories of watching Tom and Jerry cartoons as a child, but the comedy has not aged that well and I also feel like I’ve outgrown it. And the jokes in the movie are the same classic slapstick and they did nothing for me. Maybe kids will like them. I don’t know. There were a couple a lines that made me chuckle but that was about it.

You two are acting like animals!

The integration of the 3D animation and live action never really works and I don’t know why they keep trying this format to be honest. We clearly peaked with Who Framed Roger Rabbit more than three decades ago.

The story is as paper thin as you would expect and poor Chloë Grace Moretz gives it the old college try but she can do nothing with the banal script. Michael Peña is here too but I have only ever liked him in the original Ant-Man and this role does nothing to improve my estimation of him. The other actors are pretty much furniture.

Sadly the only good thing about this movie is the cool soundtrack which includes A Tribe Called Quest, T-Pain and Jodeci. And that’s about the only thing animated in this uninspired film.

Editor Jules’s Score: 3 out of 10

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