We Still Say Grace is a Slow-Burn Thriller that Brings Some Fire

Alice Oscura, Featured Writer

Plot: A teenage girl longs to escape her religious fanatic father’s suicide pact, and seeks to seize an opportunity when three young men become stranded when they run into car trouble.

Review: The film is a slow burn for sure but, it is not that bad. The atmosphere maintains an extreme tenseness and foreboding from the opening scene. The audience is introduced to the insanity of the delusional father, Harold (Bruce Davison from Along Came the Devil 2). He is obsessed with a suicide pact that may be coming in the near future which involves him spiking the family’s wine with poison in order to move on to the afterlife to be closer to God.

In the immortal words of Paris Hilton, “That’s hot.”

However, he is met with some resistance from Maggie (Holly Taylor) who, unlike her older sister Sarah (Rita Volk), hasn’t allowed herself to be completely brainwashed by his extreme religious ideals. The family live as though they are almost untouched by time, living out in the middle of nowhere with no form of modern technology to be seen besides a tractor to help work the land. Even the way that they dress seems to be frozen in time and when the three young men, Fisher, Randy and Luke, are introduced with their broken-down Cadillac, it is a total culture shock to see the polar opposites.

As the story unfolds, we delve deeper into Harold’s descent into madness and Maggie’s desperation to escape the depravity going on in the household. This American horror thriller shows us the ways that people can use religion to sometimes justify the sick and twisted things that they do, as well as the dangers of allowing yourself to become brainwashed. God gave us free will so that we can pick the sense out of nonsense. #just saying.

Why can’t I find a good church boy to hold hands with?

I absolutely guarantee that you are going to be rooting for Maggie as she uncovers the truth bit by bit. As I mentioned before it is a bit slow and the pacing can seem to drag at certain points. But if you have the patience to stick with We Still Say Grace you will not be disappointed.

Alice’s Score: 6 out of 10

By the way, pay attention to the soundtrack played during the ending credits as it’s pretty neat. If anyone can locate the name and performer, I would deeply appreciate it if you would send me the info, as I cannot seem to locate it. You can check out my social media handles below.

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