KFC Mini-movie ‘A Recipe for Seduction’ is a Finger-licking Feast of Lifetime Cliches

Julien Neaves, Editor

When I heard KFC was partnering with Lifetime to do a mini-movie with a young version of founder Colonel Harland Sanders as the romantic lead I had to watch it. I had to see what this crazy conglomeration of ideas cooked up. And to its credit, A Recipe for Seduction delivers what it says on the box, for the most part.

The film stars Mario Lopez, best known for the Saved by the Bell franchise (which he recently returned to in a revival series), as Sanders who is working as a cook in a rich estate. And no, the actual Colonel Sanders was not of Mexican descent (as far as I know) but you just have to roll with it. Lopez is easily the best thing in the short film and I am sure the ladies will love the trademark easy-going charm, muscular body and dimples. The grey hair (premature greying?) looks very unnatural but I guess they wanted to make him look like the actual Sanders as much as possible. He still looks nothing like him though. Strangely Lopez is not in the short film for all that much time and is effectively a plot device.

…and then I pushed Mark into the pool with all his clothes on. It was hilarious!

And other than the Sanders character, the McGuffin of his secret recipe, and a couple of sweet chicken shots, there actually isn’t that much KFC in this KFC movie. Or sorry, “Kentucky Fried Chicken,” as it says in the credits. Put some respect on that name. The film is less giant product placement and more actual Lifetime movie, though compressed (or deep fried?) into 15 minutes.

Let me pull out my Lifetime movie cliche clipboard. What? You don’t have one? Noob alert! Anywho, let’s start ticking off some boxes. Beautiful young lead? Check. Beautiful young lead with rich douche boyfriend? Check. Beautiful young lead conflicted between marrying rich douche boyfriend and falling for new-but-relatively-poor-but-still-very-charismatic guy? Check and check. Gay best friend? Check. Meddlesome mother? Check. Betrayal? Check! Scandal. Check!! Danger?! Check please!!! Yep. This is a certified Lifetime movie, all 11 herbs and spices of it.


The title makes zero sense as there is no one being seduced during the film. But one person adding some spice to the proceedings is Tessa Munro as shifty mother Bunny. She brought a telenovela level of bacchanal which really livened up proceedings. The other performances, besides Lopez, are as bland as poorly seasoned chicken but that seemed to be very intentional.

In the end A Recipe for Seduction is a campy and knowingly cliched Lifetime short with just a flavouring of KFC gravy. And no one is more surprised than me that I kind of liked it and I want some more. Like junk food, I know it’s not good for me, but I really can’t help myself. The ending also screamed sequel so this seems likely. So bring on a Munch Pack of Passion, A Real Deal of Desire and a Bucket of Boundless Passion. Now if you will excuse me, it’s lunch time and I have to go chow down on some WFC (Wife’s Fried Chicken).

Julien’s Score: 5.5 out of 10

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