Trini YouTube Short ‘Covid-19 Mutation’ is a Kung Fu Zombie-Killing Extravaganza

With a pandemic of almost apocalyptic proportions many peoples minds started wondering: “What’s next? A zombie plague?”Well a few film creatives ran (or I guess lumbered with) this idea and gave us some post-pandemic flesh-eating undead

In the US back in April we had the mish mash mess of Corona Zombies and in Trinidad and Tobago just two weeks ago we had Covid-19 Mutation. And for today’s article I will be doing a Quick Bite review (Get it? Bite? Zombies? You get it) of the latter short film from OutLoud Pursuits Ltd. 

Visham is 24, a Scorpio, and is looking to have a ‘full-bodied girl’ for dinner

The film is set in Trinidad after a COVID-19 vaccine ends up turning people into zombies. I was wondering if there would be an anti-vaccine message in there but it is not built upon, so it appears to be just a plot point. In terms of plot there is not much of that to speak about. After the synopsis it is just a bunch of random characters running around the forest trying to escape the undead or trying to end them.

And chief zombie killer is Zen, played by Davanand Samaroo who does triple duty as actor, director and editor. The film seems to be a vehicle for his eponymous Davanand Samaroo Kung Fu School as much of the focus is on him kicking, chopping, stabbing, and snapping the necks of these flesh eaters. And you know what? It is pretty dang entertaining. The fights were well choreographed (these zombies can use weapons bruh!) and the sound effects packed a punch. The gory effects by SFX makeup artist Cashmirr Hosein-Bukhal also adds to the wonderfully bloody violence.

You hungry? Eat elbow yuh undead so and so!

The acting is about what you would expect for budget affairs like this and you don’t spend enough time with the characters other than Zen to care too much about them. The zombies look decent enough but their zombie movements could have used some work. And while the film is intentionally light on plot I thought having Zen battling a former friend turned zombie could have added some emotionally stakes to the climax. Instead the film ends with a random zombie being taken down and then fade to black.

So if you’re looking a well-acted, well-written zombie story then Covid-19 Mutation is not for you, and you will find more to enjoy with Trini zombie web series Infection (I’ll link that below). But if you want to see a guy Kung Fu-takedown a bunch of deadheads in gloriously brutal ways then it is definitely worth checking it. Personally I had fun with it and would not mind seeing a continuation with a stronger story.

You can watch Covid-19 Mutation for yourself here:

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