Infection Episode 2: Scavengers Cranks Up the Human/Undead Drama (Trinidad and Tobago)

Julien Neaves, Editor

I was pleasantly surprised back in August when I checked out episode one of Trinidad and Tobago zombie web series Infection. It had its share of issues but there was lot of talent on display and I enjoyed it. And it pulled in 38,000 views which is not bad at all.

Well the team at K.O Media are at again and dropped the second episode, Scavengers, this week. And I checked it out and it was even better than the pilot. Here’s my review with some mild spoilers:

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Scavengers returns viewers to a post-apocalyptic Trinidad ravaged by a zombie virus and the story of two survivors, Samuel Smith (Jason Kyle) and Renee Fisher (Samara Ramrattan). The episode picks up the cliffhanger from the pilot and follows the perspective of new character Natalia (Risha K. Ramgahan) before meeting our duo. She and another survivor encounter a group of ruthless scavengers led by the vile Max (Adonis le Platte).

The new episode increases the danger by adding human enemies to the mix. Le Platte is a revelation as Max as he is wild, wiry, intimidating, and revelling in his nastiness. He was easily the highlight of the episode and his performance alone is worth the price of admission. Yeah the episode is free to watch, but you get my drift.

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The episode also turns up the action, both in quality and quantity. And who doesn’t want to see Human on Human and Zombie on Human violence? There may be a new strain of zombie as well as we see one member of the undead with more rage and slightly more intelligence. Our heroes don’t mention the difference, though, which was a bit of a missed opportunity.

Some of the acting is still a bit stiff, especially from Samuel and new character John. But I did enjoy Samuel much more this episode and his chemistry with Renee is improving. Renee remains a favourite character and I thoroughly enjoy her sarcasm and her penchant for ending zombies with her bat. There aren’t many zombies this time around but the make up effects by Renuka Singh continues to impress. In terms of production there are still some audio issues but not too much. And in terms of pacing, the episode does go on for a bit after the very good climax, but I could tell they wanted to do some setting up for the next episode. And since I had a lot of fun with Scavengers I will be tuning in again whenever Episode 3 drops.

You can check out Infection Episode 2: Scavengers for yourself here. For my review of Infection Episode 1 you can click here

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