Horror Flick ‘May’ is a Dark Journey Into Depression and Obsession

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Horror Head Writer

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Horror movie May is about a socially awkward veterinary assistant with a lazy eye and obsession with perfection who descends into depravity after developing a crush on a guy with perfect hands.

It’s a rare thing when a horror movie manages to make you feel both appalled at and sympathetic for the antagonist/protagonist, but that’s just how I felt after watching 2002’s story of a deeply lonely woman named May who’s obsessed with perfection.

I bet her favourite drink is half and half. I’ll see myself out

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something about the visual aesthetics of this film kept making me think of Donnie Darko. Coincidentally that’s another indie film with a weird and somewhat lonely lead character, with a dark side. Like Jake Gyllenhaal in Darko, the strength of this movie lies solely with the quietly powerful performance of lead actress, Angela Bettis. She’s no stranger to playing the outcast either, as she was also in the remake of Carrie (the good one from 2002) as the eponymously tragic figure.

Here, she plays May, a young woman who has struggled her entire life to fit in and make friends due to a birth defect (a lazy eye). She’s painfully awkward at the most basic of social interactions, and the beginning of the movie plays out more like a black comedy, due to scenes of her trying to “romance” a young man she’s crushing on named Adam, played by Jeremy Sisto (Wrong Turn and the criminally underrated comedy TV series Surburgatory). To be fair, Sisto is a hottie so I can totally relate.

I wish he would kiss me like he’s kissing that cigarette

May works at a veterinary clinic, so she’s no stranger to blood and gore. In fact, she tends to find these things uncomfortably (for viewers) humorous and at first it seems like Adam is just as weird as she is. Until of course, things inevitably go off the rails. Anna Faris (Scary Movie franchise/TV series Mom) also stars here and she’s quite convincing as a lesbian whose always on the prowl for something new and kinky. But as I stated before, this is Angela’s movie and her ability to make you empathise with her, even when she goes over the deep end, is by far the best aspect of this film.

It’s also not an overly gory film, with most of the actual, ahem, mutilations and such, shown either very quickly or not at all. It works well in leaving your imagination to fill in the blanks and, as we all know, your own mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to stuff like this.

Oh this isn’t Annabelle. This is her funky twin sister Mirabelle

Loneliness can sometimes be destructive, coupled with a feeling of emptiness and the need to feel whole and to fit in. May epitomises all these things by taking its time and pacing the unfolding events in a way that makes the conclusion feel not only possible, but inevitable.

Huge thanks to fellow movie lover (and reviewer) Wayne Rock for recommending I check this one out. He won FAN PICK OF THE WEEK on my Moviejunkies Cont’d page on Facebook. And I have to commend him on this primo choice. May was definitely worth it.

Sommer’s Score: 7 out of 10

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