Netflix Hindi Film ‘Game Over’ is an Edge-of-Your-Seat Psychological Thriller

Alice Oscura – Featured Writer

Warning: Parental Discretion is Advised – Sensitive subject matter mentioned below.

Game Over is an Indian psychological thriller directed by Ashwin Saravanan. Swapna (Taapsee Pannu) is a successful game designer who has a debilitating fear of darkness and suffers from post-traumatic stress triggered from a traumatic event that took place last New Year’s Eve. She begins to experience a condition that is known as “anniversary reaction” where she starts to feel an immense burning sensation exactly where she has her tattoo, which she got done just before her vicious attack. Her faithful house maid Kalamma (Vinodhini Vaidyanathan) is her only companion during this turmoil.

As she is going through this ordeal a serial killer is murdering young women in an extremely violent manner and recording the sessions of his very twisted cat-and-mouse game with his victims. Swapna and the serial killer are soon bound in an unexpected way via one of his previous victims.

SWAPNA: Is someone there? KILLER:…No?

This film touches on a particularly sensitive topic. While it is not mentioned directly, during the movie it becomes quite obvious to the audience that Swapna was in fact raped by her attacker the year before. In her flashbacks and during her panic-stricken moments Swapna is tormented by her parents’ voices chastising her for dressing up and going out on New Year’s Eve and getting a tattoo. Quite frankly it was very jarring to hear the lack of support that she received from her parents after the incident, and it is no wonder she lacks a sense of closure even after her attacker was brought to justice soon afterwards.

As children we always seek the approval of our parents, but it is only natural as we get older that we begin to form our own ideas and opinions. And these opinions and ideas tend to be different to our parents’ ideas of what is deemed as being acceptable from a person that grows up in a stable environment. Sometimes our parents can become extremely judgmental when we begin to strike out on our own. But let me make this absolutely clear – nobody deserves to be attacked in this manner no matter how you look or how you are dressed. It is unacceptable at any level. The character closes off herself from her parents and has a crappy therapist (in my opinion), so her mental state deteriorates drastically during the movie. The silver lining or moment of clarity comes from a complete stranger.

A still from the film with actress Taapsee Pannu

There’s a super neat twist that’s going have to you at the edge of your seat until the very end. I am a huge fan of a good thriller that has you rooting for the main character and shouting at the screen…”Hit him again…make sure he’s dead” or “Come on get up, get up…move it!”

On a side note there was a practice that I was not aware of until I saw this movie, and it is remarkably interesting so I thought that I should mention it here. People sometimes use the ashes of a loved one to do what is called a memorial tattoo by using a bit of the ashes mixed into the tattoo ink itself. So technically they will always be a part of that person that loved them in real life.

Returning to the film, I found it a great mixture of reality versus supernatural or mystical beliefs. The brutality of the killer does shock you a bit so be warned. It also highlights how vulnerable and easy females are as prey if we are not constantly aware of our surroundings. To my fellow ladies out there please lay off the phone in public especially when you are out walking by yourselves, and be wary of your environment. Stay safe and be on guard!

Alice’s Score: 7 out of 10

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