Iconic Thriller Se7en at 25: An RMR Community Review

Editor’s Note: Hey folks. So we at RMR have been getting our readers more involved in the site. You may have noticed the launch last month of Funny Caption Fridays where RMR Facebook members submit their funniest caption and the winner gets used in an article.

Well today is the inaugural article of We Review Wednesdays where RMR writers and readers give us their one line reviews of popular films. And the film for today is masterpiece psychology thriller Se7en which turned 25 on September 15. Enough talk! Let’s get to the five reviews:

Julien Neaves – Editor

The fact that some people consider this thriller a horror movie, despite the lack of violence and only one onscreen murder, is testament to the master work by director David Fincher and his stellar cast in this masterpiece of the genre.

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer/Horror Head Writer

What could’ve easily been another conventional thriller is elevated by David Fincher’s pitch perfect directing, award-winning acting, pacing that keeps you on edge and unnerved all the way through, and an ending that embeds itself in your psyche long after the credits have rolled.

Kevin Sheppard – Guest Writer

An engaging thriller classic by David Fincher; basically everything it says on the box 😉

Alice Oscura – Featured Writer

Se7en is one of the few thrillers that is successfully able to maintain that constant uneasy atmosphere and nail-biting, edge of your seat feeling throughout, keeping the audience’s attention and leaving you disturbed long afterwards.

Wayne Rock – Guest Writer

Se7en is an instant thriller classic, unnerving, not because Se7en 8 9, but because David Fincher executes a masterclass in tension building, leading up to a perfect crescendo of palpable fear and realisation.

So that’s it folks. What did you think of Se7en? Special thanks to Wayne and Kevin for helping us review this week’s film. And if you want to be part of the next We Review Wednesday all you have to do is like and follow like Redmangoreviews on Facebook here.