Becky a F—d-Up Fairy Tale: Quick Bite Review

Sommerleigh Pollonais – Senior Writer

Becky isn’t a movie (okay, it is, but I’m making a point so stick with me), it’s more like a f*&ked-up fairy tale. The kind you picture Freddy or Jason reading to their hellspawn at night.

It is directed by Jonathan Milott and Cary Murnion, the same duo who brought us Cooties and Bushwick (two flicks I enjoyed to varying degrees). The eponymous Becky is portrayed with over zealous delight by 15-year-old Lulu Wilson, who is quickly becoming a fixture in the horror genre after debuting in Deliver Us From Evil and giving stellar performances in Ouija: Origin of Evil and Annabelle Creation.

Wilson’s turn here as a young girl, who is dealing with a lot of loss and a lot of rage, is equal parts funny and frightening. And as I watched this movie unfold I kept thinking of Goldilocks and Three Bears, well, if the Three Bears were Nazis and Goldilocks liked stabbing people A LOT! Or better yet, think of it as the R-Rated sequel to Home Alone and that’s Becky in a nutshell.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop III. This time, it’s personal!

While all props goes to Lulu for carrying the brunt of this movie, most people are gonna watch Becky for one main reason – to see the usually fun-loving Kevin James (Grown Ups, Paul Blart: Mall Cop) portray a swastika-covered, white supremacist bad guy. I’ll say this for him, he’s doing his best to come off as menacing and brutal, but I just kept seeing Kevin James. You know,  the guy who pratfalls with the best of them and makes constant jokes about his weight.

It’s not a bad performance by any means, but I can’t help thinking a more suitable actor in this role would’ve made the character Dominick more believable, and therefore had me feeling more tension and fear for Becky and her family’s safety. The other actors in the film are basically wallpaper, so I won’t bother to dig too deep there.

I will say, Becky is a dark twisted fairy tale of a film, that is at its best when it focuses on the brutality and twisted psyche of its lead. It is also a dark comedy of sorts that struggles to balance the two genres but still entertaining enough to sit through to the end.

Ranking: 5.5 out of 10

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