Escape From Pretoria Quick Bite

Sharazz Ali – Guest Writer

Knowing this movie is based on a true story there are parts of it where you just look at it, scoff and say: Psshtt, like that actually happened.

But that is also why you can enjoy it. It uses the standard drama building tropes well enough to keep you engaged throughout the experience. Not that the title itself doesn’t already give away the ending, but the journey was rewarding.

Daniel Radcliffe turns in another fantastic performance one that, believe it or not, I completely forgot I was watching Harry Potter onscreen.

Look at me. Look at me. I’m the wizard now

The way the director shot the final scene makes you a part of it. You feel every emotion brimming through the characters in that final moment. And it’s because of the tension the movie did so well in portraying.

Is it a best picture winner? Not in the slightest. What it is, is a great little tale about a couple of unsung heroes and their literal fight for freedom after being punished for standing up for a people who were oppressed beyond measure. And that’s the type of stories I am a sucker for.

It’s a fine watch. Don’t pass it if it’s on cable.

Score: 7 out of 10 

Special thanks to our guest writer Sharazz Ali. For his Quick Bite review of The Hunt you can click here.