When one thinks of Star Trek images of interesting aliens, cool ships and Captain Kirk randomly losing his shirt come to mind. Well maybe not so much the last one.

But one of the most memorable aspects of the more than 50 year-old sci fi franchise is the opening themes. So today we are going to rank all six themes of the live action television series (no film or The Animated Series). Time to get beamed up!

#6 Star Trek: Enterprise

ST Theme 3
Nothing goes better with archival looking footage than a pumping rock ballad

After four instrumental themes we got the rock ballad Faith of the Heart likely because there was the line “I can reach any star.” Get it? Star? Star Trek? You get it. Now the song isn’t awful and if you’re kicking back on a long drive and the song comes on the radio it would probably be welcome. But it just does not fit with the feel of a sci fi show, especially Enterprise which was mostly dark and action heavy.

I am binging the show currently on Netflix and hearing the song over and over is torture ! Sure they jazzed up the theme in Season 3 but the improvement was like your explosive diarrhea turning to projectile diarrhea. #Skipintro

#5 Star Trek: Discovery

ST Theme 6
You spin me right round baby right round, like a record baby, round round round round

I liked the Discovery theme but I just didn’t love it. Now it sounds all space cool and dramatic but it’s just kind of, forgettable. I actually had to listen to it again to remember how it went. The best part of the theme is the classic Trek nod at the end. Definitely not a good sign.

#4 Star Trek: The Original Series

ST Theme 5
Time to get groovy

All you need is the opening bars and you are beamed to a planet far away having adventures with Kirk, Spock, Bones and the crew. It was definitely a product of its time and is dripping with groovy, the hypnotic sounds conjuring images of dancing Orion girls and Space Hippies in your Herbert brain. Sadly the 60s aesthetic has contributed to the theme feeling dated and not as good as some of the other themes that succeeded it. Still a classic though. La laaaaaaaaa!

#3 Star Trek: The Next Generation

ST Theme 4
These letters, coming right at ya!

The theme from the very first spin-off series phaser blasts you right from the start. It is big and grand and operatic. But it’s also kind of…loud, and too energetic and just a smidge too forceful. Welcome to the Final Frontier, now we’re gonna blast your eardrums! I mean you enjoy it but feel like you need to take a breath and listen to some smooth jazz when it’s done. Whew!

#2 Star Trek: Voyager

ST Theme 1
It’s a total eclipse of the heart

Kick back, relax and let this theme wash over you like a slipstream over the hull of the Voyager. That’s probably scientifically inaccurate. I’m a writer, not a warp core engineer damnit! Anywho the Voyager theme is well paced, grand, melodic and simply beautiful. It gets you all ready for some sweet, sweet Trek action and is so good it could make Tuvok dance.

#1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

ST Theme 2
This is my jam!

From the very first “duhm” you know you are in for something special with this theme. Then it slowly starts to build into a whole lot of epicness and goes full orchestral on your latinum-loving backside. Then it gets a little slower and sweeter in the middle and then epic in your face again you petaQ! I’m sorry I called you a petaQ. I got excited. Apologies. It is only fitting that the best Trek series EVER (yeah, fight me Amok Time-style) has the best opening theme ever.

And for your listening pleasure here are the themes for the first five series followed by the theme for Discovery:


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