Flarrowverse Friday Recap Nov 4: Fight Club, Deceptions, Monsters and Zombies

The Flarrowverse had some very colourful episodes this week. We had alien fight clubs, giant monsters, assassination attempts and zombie confederate soldiers. It was like a Syfy Saturday movie marathon, only with wayyy better quality.

As I discuss each episode I will be going into spoilers so here is your SPOILER ALERT. Still reading Well let’s get this party started:

#1 Supergirl S2E4 ‘Survivors’

Are you not entertained!

After a couple of brief appearances last week we got to see Miss Martian in full this episode. At first it appears that survivor’s guilt has led her to take part in an underground alien fight club run by DC supervillainess Roulette, played delightfully by Dichen Lachman from ‘Agents of Shield’. The battle between M’gann and J’onn was cool and I also enjoyed seeing Supergirl despatch the Draaga.


Let’s see what you got Martian boy

But what I really enjoyed was the discussions between J’onn and M’gann. They had some lovely chemistry though I am not sure if they are going in a romantic or mentorship direction. And then surprise, surprise, she turns out to be a White Martian in disguise. She is therefore likely experiencing oppressor’s guilt and not survivor’s guilt. I cannot wait to see J’onn’s explosive reaction when he finds out. In other episode news the bar crawl with Winn and Mon was pretty funny and I have a sneaky suspicion that Kara’s training of the latter will enter into lovey dovey territory. Stay tuned.

#2 The Flash S3E5 ‘Monster’

I want my allowance and I want it now!

Is it just me or has ‘The Flash’ been a little slow this season? Just me? Okay. Moving on them.

This episode a bullied kid apparently gets his hands on some super advanced tech and fakes a giant monster. And it was kinda lame though I did love the Empire reference. We got some back story on Julian and I was surprised that he and Barry made nice so quickly. We also learned that new Wells’ big secret is that he is actually not a scientist but an idea man and innovator. Again, not all that exciting.

The only thing I did enjoy was the Caitlin subplot. I liked the stuff with her ice cold momma (pun intended), more demonstrations of her cryokinesis and that over zealous scientist dude. When her eyes went all “Killer Frost” that was some intense stuff. I don’t know what will happen when she goes full Killer Frost but I am excited to see it. I have said before that the character has been underdeveloped the last couple seasons and it is nice that she is getting to finally shine.

#3 Arrow S5E5 ‘Human Target’

Chance: You know I really enjoyed being you. Oliver: What does that mean? Chance: Oh nothing. Heh heh heh heh heh

‘Arrow’ delivered yet another solid episode this week with “Human Target”. We met DC comics character Christopher Chance played by Wil Traval from ‘Jessica Jones”. When Oliver got shot I thought the assassin was a decoy so I was surprised to learn that the killer was real and it was Chance in disguise. He took a bunch of bullets like it was nothing though so I thinking he is a metahuman or something. And he seemed to be a better Oliver than Oliver. I didn’t, however, see the need for him to be in the Russia flashback though and his appearance felt tacked on.


Take me to Church!

Also Diggle is back as Spartan and man I love me some Diggle. I enjoyed him helping Rene recover mentally after his torture at the hands of Tobias Church. And speaking of Church, after he was taken down by Arrow he tried to bargain for his life with the mysterious Prometheus by revealing Oliver’s identity. But Prometheus did not even bat an eye (metaphorically speaking) and smoked that sucker. I have a sneaking suspicion that Prometheus already knows that secret, which would add fuel to the speculation that it is Oliver’s late best friend Tommy. What a twist!

On the drama side Oliver finally learns about Felicity’s new beau and the two have the “I just want you to be happy” talk. Aww. But we all know what you want Oliver. You want Smoak back in your life and your bed. I am enjoying the two apart though as I think they work better that way.

#4 Legends of Tomorrow S2E4 ‘Abominations’

Oh sorry! Wrong room!

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ may have been uneven last season, especially in the first half, but they are killing it this season. After the samurai romp last week this week we get the American Civil War, slavery and soldier zombies.

I had fun with all three of the storylines. I liked Martin with his somewhat rational irrational fear of zombies (Google tells me it is called “kinemortophobia” #themoreyouknow), Ray finding a way to be useful without his suit and Mick going full Romero. Though I don’t understand why he only knocked out Ray instead of eating him. The second storyline with Sara and Nate meeting General Ulysses S Grant and fighting zombies was too cool for school. Sara is really coming into her own as a leader and Nate’s Citizen Steel bomb maneuver was epic. Zombie guts! Eww!

But the best of the storylines was Jax and Amaya at the plantation house. This is the first episode where Jax was really at the forefront and he did a decent job. Kudos to the showrunners for such a good job handling a very touchy subject like slavery, which is an even greater abomination than a horde of undead. The violence are horrors of that abhorrent practice were not sugar coated neither were they presented gratuitously. Jax’s speech to the slaves was quite inspiring and Amaya’s Southern belle act was hilarious. And how can you not enjoy seeing that bigot get chowed down on by a zombie? Good stuff Legends. Keep it up.

So which Flarrowverse episode this week was your favourite? Feel free to comment below. 

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