Hail to the King! ‘The Walking Dead’ S7E2 in 5 Bites

This Tiger Tiger burns bright

After the Season 7 premiere and the most depressing episode in the history of ‘The Walking Dead’ the showrunners gave us a break this week with the much lighter “The Well”. In the episode we are introduced to the community of “The Kingdom” and its eccentric leader King Ezekiel. Did I mention he has a pet tiger?

As is customary before I go any further here is your SPOILER ALERT. Still here? Okay. Here is my review in five easy to chew bites:

#1 Is that a tiger?

My tiger seems to like you fair maiden

The episode opens with Carol being rescued by Morgan and the soldiers of the kingdom (knights I presume). As they battle walkers she imagines them as real people, which likely means our semi-suicidal heroine if fed up of all killing, whether living or undead. One walker gets his face sliced off and it just hangs there for one of the most memorable kills I have seen on the show.

It was pretty funny as Morgan wheeled Carol to meet King Ezekiel and was unable to put into words the scene that she would meet. And can you really blame him. Carol’s expression upon seeing the dreadlocked king and his gigantic pet tiger Shiva is priceless. She tries her best to play along but you know she’s thinking “what madness is going on here?” Huge props to Khary Payton as his grand, medieval speaking and wise King Ezekiel is fantastic and immediately my new favourite character. And his puntastic assistant Jerry is cool too. Got fruit?

#2 The return of Suzie Homemaker

I’m just here, driving Ms Carol…

As she did in Alexandria Carol puts on an act that she is all sweet and helpless while gathering what she needs to make good her escape. The only thing she didn’t do was bake the Kingdom residents a batch of delicious cookies.

The scenes between her and Morgan were sweet and I like that their bond is growing. Carol seemed to be less in despair than she was last season though she still feels the need to isolate herself.

#3 The Bo Staff Kid

Your technique is good, but you lack discipline

I had a Karate Kid flashaback when Morgan was training that young guy who almost died when he put a machete in a walker’s shoulder instead of its skull. Rookies. Anywho Morgan teaches the guy the way of the bo stick and our minds also flashback to the Season 6 episode “Here’s not here” when he was taught the ways of Akido by Eastman. After killing the Saviour to save Carol last season his faith in his path is shaken but hopefully taking on a student will help him to regain it.

#4 Swine and Saviours

You guys got any pork?

In this episode we learn that, like Hilltop and Alexandria, the Kingdom is being extorted by Negan’s Saviours. And of course the pork they are giving them is fed on walkers. Ha ha. Joke’s on you Saviours.

But this scene helped tie it to the other show plotlines and adds fuel to the fire that we will eventually see a uniting of the three communities to take down the Saviours once and for all. Maybe Shiva will eat Negan alive. Hope springs eternal.

#5 The origin of King Ezekiel

The night is dark and full of terrors fair Carol

As Carol attempts to escape she is accosted by Ezekiel who apparently has been watching her the whole time and was not fooled by her act. He reveals that he is actually not crazy but a kind hearted zookeeper/theatre actor who rescued a tiger that bonded with him, and the Kingdom is a fantasy that the people need to feel safe and productive. I thought his speech was quite impressive and he does get Carol to stay in the vicinity if not in the Kingdom. His showing up with a pomegranate and a fresh tee shirt has started a new ship – Carzekiel or Ezrol if you like. And why not? Carol could do with some regal romance.

All in all I had fun with this episode and laughed a lot, which was most necessary after the emotional battering from last week. King Ezekiel and Shiva were great (tigers btw are my favourite animal) and I eagerly anticipate an alliance between the Kingdom and our survivors.

Rating: The Well gets 3.5/4 pet tigers.

So what did you think of King Ezekiel and Shiva? Feel free to comment below.

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