I watched the second episode of The Flash Season 3, “Paradox”, this week and you can colour me impressed. We had some nice dramatic moments, great action and a couple of sweet twists.

If you have not seen the episode consider this your SPOILER ALERT. Still here? Well let’s do this thing. Here’s my review in four easy to chew slices:

#1 Something’s a bit off here

From this I can tell you that the victim was quite “husky”

Previously on Back to the Future…

Last week we saw Barry going back in time (again) to unsave his mother, undo “Flashpoint” and trade in his happy go lucky parallel reality for the real reality. At the end of the episode he discovered that everything was not back to normal starting with Joe and Iris being estranged. He also finds out that: he has a new CSI partner, the snarky and suspicious Julian Albert; Cisco is a gloomy Gus because his brother Dante was killed and Barry refused to go back in time and save him; and over in Star City Diggle’s daughter is now a son. Whaaaat?

Firstly I am surprised there were any changes that would resonate outside The Flash so kudos on that. It was great seeing the real Jay Garrick again and getting that brief trip to the 1990s. You know, the decade when John Wesley Shipp had his Flash show. I see you winking at me showrunners. I liked the mentoring role Garrick has taken and with his explanation of time travel we are unlikely to see Barry pulling that again any time soon. Can’t fix everything Bar. And finally on this point it is always great to have a Felicity Smoak cameo. She is like a rush of cool air on a hot day.

#2 Make the wrong things right

Get ready to feel the thunder! Photo: Dean Buscher/The CW

Always the hero in and out of the suit Barry tries to fix all the lives his time travel jaunt messed up. We had the hilarious scene of him running back and forth trying to set up Joe and Iris for dinner. And we also had the touching scene of Cisco talking about his late brother with a bereavement group. It was tough seeing our favourite chipper, fast talking, pop culture referencing super geek down in the dumps and his bromance with Barry strained. I also liked Barry’s verbal sparring with my namesake Julian.

Though the parallel reality may be gone it is definitely not forgotten. We see this reality’s Edward Clariss with “memories” of the Flashpoint reality courtesy of the mysterious Dr Alchemy. And our devilish Doc was so helpful to give him the speedster powers that the other Clariss had. Ain’t he a pal?

#3 Super Flash Bros.

I’m gonna have to stop you right there

So we had Flash vs The Rival round two and we again got some sweet speedster on speedster action. But stop the presses! Cisco in full Vibe mode comes out of nowhere and blasts the Rival. And then in a nerdgasm inducing scene he and Flash tag team the Rival Marvel vs. Capcom style. Man it was awesome! It appears in this tweaked reality Cisco is much more in control of his powers and I could not be happier.

How does he breathe in that thing?

I was also surprised that Flash met Dr Alchemy this episode as I thought they would have held off a while before that happened. We learned a bit about his plan – all those who had powers in the alternate reality will get back their powers. Why is anybody’s guess. But I do hope this opens the door for Wally to become Kid Flash again.

#4 A Sweet kiss and a Killer surprise

She got an icebox where her heart used to be

So Barry finally got a kiss with Iris that (hopefully) will not be erased by more time tomfoolery. Let those crazy kids get together, break up and then get back together like Zack and Kelly. That’s just good television.

The show’s big twist was at the end when we learned that Caitlyn had developed frost powers like her Earth II doppelgänger Killer Frost. I don’t know where they are taking this storyline but I am glad she is getting her own storyline that is not inextricably linked to her romance with a male character; Ronnie in Season 1 and Fake Garrick/Zoom in Season 2. Good for you Cait.

I enjoyed this episode a bit more than the premiere but both are a promising start to the third season.

Rating: “Paradox” gets 3.75/4 scarlet speedsters.

Next week Harrison Wells will be returning with his daughter Jessie Quick who is now a speedster. Sounds like fun. Here’s the promo:

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